Monday, February 25, 2013

Your Yacht Awaits

It only takes one weekend on a major cruise ship to arrive at this realization: cruises were created for collegiate spring-breakers and families who want a simple, boxed-up vacation. If you want to sail the open seas with just a few loved ones and a professional crew, consider a European luxury yacht cruise.

Essential Sailing offers luxury yachts that fit a crew and up to six adventurous guests. The four double cabins with en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning are designed with modern comforts in mind. And while sunbathing on a yacht off the coast of Europe might seem like vacation enough, you don't wait to miss what awaits you on shore.

The toughest choice you'll have to make: France, Spain or Italy?

The French Riviera 

Deemed "The most sophisticated holiday playground," the French Riviera tour inspires those who appreciate modern luxuries as much as ancient ruins. Along with many other highlights, the Monaco itinerary includes a tour of Antibes, one of the oldest cities along the coast with shopping nooks in coastal cliffs. The St. Tropez itinerary explores the home of the bikini through boutiques, art galleries, lavender fields and more.

The Canary Islands

Such culture cannot be contained in a single tour, so Essential Sailing offers two different Canary Island experiences. Discover the spirit of Tenerife and tranquility of La Gomera with an itinerary that allows for pure exploration. These coast towns offer the relaxation that many vacations often lack. Just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous view. The itinerary for Lanzarote and Fuerteventura includes sandy beaches, marble buildings and an island of seals (which is exactly what it sounds like!)

The Italian Riviera

Mamma mia, where do we begin? Maybe you want to cruise the Renaissance towns of Mantua and Cremona? Or capture the essence of the famous Portofino backdrop? Or spend a day hiking through five coastal towns known as the Cinque Terra? The Italian itinerary seems as endless as the pasta dishes and fine wines of the region. 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Luxury Caves in an Ancient Civilization

Cappadocia is the "Land of Beautiful Horses" to those who speak Persian. To the rest of us, it is the heart of ancient civilization. Its inhabitants ranged from Greeks to Turks to Byzantines to Armenians and each left their mark on the region.

The most striking elements of Cappadocia are the rock formations and their endless functions. Some are lined with carvings and others were ancient dwelling places. Certain rock formations were used for defense. And one exists today as the Museum Hotel.

The Museum Hotel boasts views of all of Cappadocia from cave-like luxury suites. Part resort and part museum, this hotel furnishes your room with antiques from every era. But the most unique aspect of the Museum Hotel is its investment in responsible luxury. This includes using solar energy, protecting historical artifacts, maintaining the tradition and culture of Cappadocia in their food and decor, and achieving public projects to aide the less fortunate of their region.

Unlike a few other museums that come to mind, you'll be unlikely to find a dull moment at the Museum Hotel. Perhaps you would like a cooking lesson from the head chef? Or a taste of the ecological garden? Or maybe you'd like to test your stroke at an environmentally-friendly driving range? A wedding venue, a honeymoon destination or a spa getaway can be found within the luxurious caves of the Museum Hotel.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Golfing Among the Lions

Before Zimbabwe, the Kalhari and Mozambique, there was a kingdom in South Africa called Momomotapa. It was a rich and vibrant culture, a sophisticated African Empire. Its gold artifacts are among the finest in African archaeology. Upon this land now sits a tribute to Momomotapa. It is a resort for a universally practiced game. Welcome to the Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

If you have come to enjoy exceptional South African views while trying your hand at the highest and longest Par 3 in the world, you have come to the right resort. Eighteen of the world's top golfers helped design the Legend's course. Padriag Harrington, Retief Goosen, Trevor Immelman and Sergio Garcia each designed a hole. This is unlike any course you have ever (or will ever) play.

Legend Signature Course - 17th Hole
If you came to Legend for the golf, you'll stay for the safaris. The 22,000 hectare safari conservancy offers close-up views of  the "big 5" - lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. Since this is a private safari, you will get a closer look of the animals in their natural surroundings.

If you like to keep a busy schedule, try out the Legend's new archery field, tennis courts, or Olympic-sized swimming pool. You can even take a helicopter ride over the vast African terrain or relax at the Legend Resort Spa.

Ravine-side View
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Elevated Vacation at the Treehotel

Have you ever been one with nature? (Pitching a pop-up tent in your backyard doesn't count.) I'm talking about spending time in a space that blends in so well with trees and sky that it becomes invisible to the human eye. This space exists only at the Treehotel.

In Sweden, there is a locality that is thick with woodlands and creativity. It is here that the Treehotel has set up five different living spaces. Here, you will listen to the babbling of the Lule River. You will relax in an elegant sauna after kayaking, fishing, dog-sledding or mountain biking. You will dine with locals. You will sleep in luxury. Your carbon footprint will disappear for the length of your stay. And you will do all of this 4-6 meters above the ground.

Your choice of living space includes:

The Cabin
A windowed space for two that faces the Lule River valley

The Mirrorcube
A full mirrored hideaway that reflects the environment around you 
while keeping two people dry and warm in a birch interior

The Bird's Nest
An exterior covered in branches houses a space large enough for a family of four

The Blue Cone
A cabin hovering over a mountainside fit for a family of five

A sustainable duplex drifting far off the ground built for four people

Check out the Treehotel website for more information and contact us to book your stay.