Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Elevated Vacation at the Treehotel

Have you ever been one with nature? (Pitching a pop-up tent in your backyard doesn't count.) I'm talking about spending time in a space that blends in so well with trees and sky that it becomes invisible to the human eye. This space exists only at the Treehotel.

In Sweden, there is a locality that is thick with woodlands and creativity. It is here that the Treehotel has set up five different living spaces. Here, you will listen to the babbling of the Lule River. You will relax in an elegant sauna after kayaking, fishing, dog-sledding or mountain biking. You will dine with locals. You will sleep in luxury. Your carbon footprint will disappear for the length of your stay. And you will do all of this 4-6 meters above the ground.

Your choice of living space includes:

The Cabin
A windowed space for two that faces the Lule River valley

The Mirrorcube
A full mirrored hideaway that reflects the environment around you 
while keeping two people dry and warm in a birch interior

The Bird's Nest
An exterior covered in branches houses a space large enough for a family of four

The Blue Cone
A cabin hovering over a mountainside fit for a family of five

A sustainable duplex drifting far off the ground built for four people

Check out the Treehotel website for more information and contact us to book your stay.

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